Posthuman Design @Porto Design Biennale

Posthuman Design takes visitors on a trans-media journey set in multiple futuristic scenarios, blending augmented reality with surrounding space.
The exhibition makes contents usable through an engaging user-experience and turns participants into proactive users who actually experience a realistic vision of future, involving two main aspects: reproduction and self-protection from environment.

The exhibit set-up aim’s to create a dialogue between the exhibition and the architecture where it will be hosted. Space layout is shaped with large volumes and heights which gives natural light primary importance while the building is featured with modernist materials such as concrete, glass, iron and marble. We’ve recognized two main areas to fit our exhibition at its best: the entrance hallway leading to the stairs and the outdoor patio.

This latter is planned to host the main installation of the exhibit, while the indoor area will be set-up as an augmented reality gallery, to provide an in teractive experience to users and get them profiled in two different groups. For what concerns the main installation, it will be part of the structure de-
signed to display products and describe multiple futuristic scenarios. It will involve the larger part of the budget, to get it prototyped, built and delivered with the due advance to PDB Headquarters. The installation will enclose the different paths and dimensions explored in the exhibition: material and immaterial. Products displayed in this structure are part of a vision for the future of human-being, according to a pair of issues: the self-protection from contaminated environment and the evolution of human species.

The design will be inspired by the concept of fourth-dimensional space, a metaphor of a superior dimension which can be perceived exclusively by a future individual being. The purpose of the installation is an attempt to translate idea of future itself into shapes, colliding with the common three-dimensional space that we are able to perceive as contemporary human beings.

exhibited at Porto Design Biennale from  October 31 to November 15 2019

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